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The High Authority of the Airport of Senegal (HAAS) will proceed with the renewal of the access titles (badges and buttons) for the year 2015.


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  • systematic screening of hold baggage and cargo;
  • the reinforcement of access control measures in restricted areas with a detachment of the Mobile Police Intervention Group dedicated to this task;
  • a new delimitation of the restricted areas of the airport;
  • the establishment of a secure system for making and managing access titles;
  • the establishment of a duty station to manage all security-related situations at the airport;
  • the setting up of a device for patrolling and escorting aircraft;
  • the secondment of a team of bomb Brigade Versatile Intervention (BIP) of the police for handling abandoned or parcel that may contain explosives;
  • the creation of a cynotechnist brigade specialized in the detection of explosives;
  • regular and adequate training of personnel responsible for the implementation of security controls;
  • raising the awareness of all airport staff in safety;
  • regular meetings of the Local Safety and Facilitation Committee;
  • the creation of an Operational Monitoring Cell (COS) of the recommendations of the local safety and facilitation committee;
  • the regular updating of the Airport Safety Program (P.S.A);
  • daily assessment of the effectiveness of the safety device;
  • reinforcement and modernization of security equipment;
  • the creation of surveillance stations on the maneuvering area of ​​the aircraft.