HAAS is an administrative structure attached to the Prime Minister and placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Air Transport. It carries out its missions independently, under the control of a Supervisory Board.

In the exercise of its missions, the High Authority of the Airports of Senegal has authority over all the civilian and military personnel working in the perimeter of the Léopold Sédar Senghor airport, including the Gendarmerie and Police forces. and Customs.

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As the coordinating authority for the implementation of security controls at Leopold Senghor airport, the High Authority is responsible for the security of persons, property and aircraft within the airport area.

Its missions are defined in the creation decree and specified in the mission letter addressed to it by the prime minister, in liaison with the minister in charge of air transport. The engagement letter sets specific performance indicators for HAAS.

The main missions of the HAAS are:

  • Airport Security Program

    Develop, update and ensure the implementation of the Security Program at Léopold Sédar Senghor Airport

  • Making access tickets

    make and manage access passes (badges and buttons) at restricted areas of the airport. Download file 

  • Security checks

    Ensure the implementation of the International Civil Aviation Organization Standards and Recommended Practices

  • Training

    Complementary training of personnel responsible for the implementation of security controls;