A. The Supervisory Board:

The Supervisory Board is the deliberative body of HAALSSS. It meets at least once a quarter in ordinary session. It is composed of :

  • a representative of the President of the Republic;
  • a representative of the Prime Minister;
  • a representative of the Minister of the Armed Forces;
  • a representative of the Minister of Economy and Finance;
  • a representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • a representative of the Minister of the Interior;
  • a representative of the Minister in charge of air transport.

B. The General Secretariat:

The General Secretariat is the executive body of HAALSS. It is headed by a Secretary-General appointed by decree. He is assisted by a Safety and Security Advisor. In addition to the Accounting Agency, the General Secretariat comprises four departments:

  • the Security and Facilitation Service;
  • the Studies, Training, Documentation Department,
  • the Financial Service;
  • the Human Resources Department.


A. Human means

1. Staff recruited and trained by HAALSS:

  • security agents and handlers for the screening of hold baggage and cargo;
  • instructors, inspectors, supervisors and supervisors for quality control activities and training of security personnel.

2. Staff of the airport security forces services:

  • gendarmes of the Air Transport Gendarmerie Company (CGTA) responsible for the safety and security of the movement area of ​​the aircraft as well as those in the city-side area of ​​the airport;
  • the officers of the Special Commissioner’s Office responsible for the screening of passengers and cabin baggage;
  • the officers of the Bureau and Subdivision responsible respectively for the screening of cargo and baggage for the dispute services of the airlines.

3. Staff made available to HAALSS for employment:

  • Elements of the Mobile Response Group (GMI) of the National Police for access control at the passenger terminal and the escort of aircraft;
  • elements of the National Guard’s Protection and Protection Legion (LSP) guard the surveillance posts of the aircraft maneuvering area;
  • artificers from the National Police’s Multipurpose Intervention Brigade (BIP) for the treatment of abandoned or suspect parcels and, possibly, the neutralization of parcel bombs;
  • a canine brigade specializing in the treatment of explosives in partnership with the CYNO-Gendarmerie Nationale group

B. Financial means:

part of the security charge;
revenues from the sale of access tickets;
revenues from the training of the operators’ staff.

C. Material resources:

  • safety equipment (RX, EDX, gantry machines …) made available by the Airport Manager (ADS);
  • a fleet of vehicles for escorting aircraft and patrols.

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