Our missions

As the coordinating authority for the implementation of security controls at Leopold Senghor airport, the High Authority is responsible for the security of persons, property and aircraft within the airport area.

Its missions are defined in the creation decree and specified in the mission letter addressed to it by the prime minister, in liaison with the minister in charge of air transport. The engagement letter sets specific performance indicators for HAAS.

The main missions of the HAAS are:

  • develop, update and ensure the implementation of the Leopold Sédar Senghor Airport Safety Program;
  • make and manage access passes (badges and buttons) at restricted areas of the airport;
  • convene and chair meetings of the local safety and facilitation committee;
    ensure that the recommendations for the improvement of the security system are followed by the effect of the structures concerned by corrective measures;
  • perform quality control activities: inspections, tests, investigations and audits;
  • to ensure the implementation of the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization;
  • ensure that the additional security measures required or accepted by the competent authority (ANACIM) are properly implemented;
  • maintain the minutes of the finding of an act of unlawful interference;
    provide additional training for personnel responsible for implementing security controls;
  • sensitize airport staff to safety;
  • identify appropriate response measures and responses for threat situations;
  • to ensure the good reception of the people frequenting the airport zone;
    facilitate the development of air traffic;
  • participate, by the quality of its services, in the development of tourism in Senegal