In order to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of efficiency, the HAAS implements a training program in the field of civil aviation security.

The main objective of this training program is to ensure that all HAAS personnel and security forces (police, gendarmerie, customs) who implement aspects of the LSS Airport Safety Program are adequately trained and possess all the skills required to perform their duties effectively.

The Studies, Documentation and Training Department (SEDF) of HAAS is responsible for planning and monitoring the execution of this activity.

The HAAS has a dozen instructors responsible for providing training in civil aviation security. These instructors are accredited or certified by ANACIM.

The types of training provided by HAAS are:

– basic safety training in civil aviation;

– training in radioscopic imaging;

– aviation security awareness training

– specific training.

I. Basic security training

The initial and periodic basic training courses offered by HAAS concern: basic training for security officers and supervisory staff, training in radioscopic imaging and awareness-raising.

The primary purpose of basic training is to provide security guards with all the knowledge and skills to properly perform the duties assigned to them.

The population concerned by this category of training consists mainly of staff of the security services of the airport (police, gendarmerie, customs), HAAS, ANACIM and the Agency of Airports of Senegal (ADS ).

II. Training in radioscopic imaging

The Fluoroscopic Imaging training is designed for police, customs and HAAS officers who use conventional X-ray and / or EDX equipment for screening baggage, cargo, cargo and cargo baggage. post.

III. Civil aviation security awareness

Outreach is intended for all persons, other than passengers, who are provided with a badge that allows them to access security restricted areas at the airport (boarding lounges, aircraft movement areas, sorting of hold baggage …) without being escorted (personal travel agencies, personal packaging companies, staff exchange offices etc.).

IV. Specific training

At the request of certain operators or organizations of the airport, the HAAS animate sessions of paying trainings for their profit, in accordance with the requirements of the National Training Program of Civil Aviation of Senegal.